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Sail Portsmouth 2020 Events cancellation announcement
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Thank You Message from Allen Chadwick

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The Piscataqua Maritime Commission (PMC) is an organization established to enhance the awareness, appreciation, and understanding of the rich cultural maritime heritage and history of the Piscataqua River estuary through the sponsorship and staging of rewarding events and educational programs at which the public, and especially youth, can actively participate.

Sail Portsmouth

Sail Portsmouth is a 3 to 4-day summertime celebration honoring the maritime traditions of the Seacoast, featuring Tall Ship visits to Portsmouth harbor.

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Sea Challenge

Sea Challenge is a sail training program for Seacoast youth, during which they spend one week at sea as members of a Tall Ship crew discovering as much about themselves as about seamanship. There's an emphasis on building teamwork and self-confidence.

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Maritime Talks

Throughout the year, the PMC organizes a variety of maritime topics of interest to the Seacoast community.

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What people are saying

Vic Maloney
The week at sea has proven to build resilience. Many of the kids reported that they found out things about themselves they did not know such as going without technology for a week, physically and mentally pushing themselves with daily structure and routine, and mastering new skills."
Seacoast Youth Service Counselor
I had young people experience breakthroughs in this environment in only a few days that she was unable to achieve in months of counseling on land."
Olivia Lawrence
I went on the Schooner Mystic for the Sea Challenge program last summer for a week in August and learned a lot of things during my stay. I really enjoyed the staff that I sailed with… they had a very big impact on me and the way I see things. The whole experience was honestly amazing; life changing. I've been really interested in the program, experience, and people ever since. I would love to work with everyone again and participate in the program and learn many more things about sailing."
Sea Challenge Trainee
I overheard a conversation during a debriefing a few years ago where a trainee was asked what his favorite part of the trip was. He answered 'My bunk.' The board member was taken aback and said 'Your bunk’s 30 inches wide, curved to fit the hull’s shape and consists of a mattress made of an inch and a half of cotton batting laying on top of plywood. What’s so special about your bunk?'. To which the trainee responded 'I never had a bed all to myself before.' ”
Stephanie Wright
I saw firsthand how the youth were positively impacted by this experience, whether it was not giving up when things got tough, finding a new love for sailing, feeling like they belonged for the first time, or feeling a sense of accomplishment and pride."
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