Patty Hutchison

During the time that Patty Hutchinson has been a member of the Piscataqua Maritime Commission Board of Directors, she has seen the effect its programming has had on people.

“I really enjoy getting people to come see the tall ships every summer. It is interesting to see the different responses from young and old visitors to these beautiful, historic vessels that were the high tech machines of 160 years ago,” she says.

The annual tall ships parade is one of the programs organized by the all-volunteer commission to meet its mission of promoting and enhancing the region’s extensive maritime history.

The PMC has three pillars of programming on which its mission is built: Sail Portsmouth, which includes the tall ship parade, tall ship tours, sails, and other events; Sea Challenge, which offers underserved youth in the area an educational and experiential voyage aboard a tall ship; and Maritime Talks, a public lecture series  on various subjects related to our region’s maritime history, sailing and the sea

Patty started as a volunteer at the encouragement of her aunt, fellow board member and Treasurer, Nita Libby.

She serves as the PMC’s Volunteer Coordinator, a critical function in recruiting and scheduling volunteers to make sure events run smoothly. Sail Portsmouth, in particular, relies on a large cadre of volunteers.

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